If you're in the greater Cedar Rapids area and need ink, toner or other printing supplies, you've found the right place (and the right price).


It's amazing how much day-to-day office supplies can affect a company's bottom line.  If your office prints even a moderate amount on a monthly basis, you'll be impressed with the savings (and convenience) Corridor Cartridges can provide. 

We also DELIVER for FREE (Home or office)!  No minimum order amount necessary.


Millions of ink cartridges end up in landfills every year.  In most cases, there really isn't a logical reason NOT to use re-manufactured cartridges and refill them instead of buying new ones repeatedly.​  There's no advantage to buying new, unless you call spending more money an advantage.

Any cartridges we cannot reuse are sent to be recycled.  98% of the cartridge material is recyclable.


Yes, we understand that you aren't printing at home as much as you used to... that's another reason to avoid spending too much on ink and toner!  You may not print as many pictures as you used to thanks to Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, but there will always be a need for the home computer and printer.  The money you save from buying your ink at Corridor Cartridges can be used to buy lunch on your way back home - how convenient!

REMEMBER, WE DELIVER!  Just call us when you're out of ink (it's better if you don't wait that long) and we'll be over either that day or the next.

Out of ink or toner?

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